About Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust

At Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust (BEH) we provide integrated mental health and community health services to the people of North London, as well as some services regionally and nationally.

We employ more than 3,300 staff, which makes them us of the largest employers in the area. Last year we helped care for more than 126,000 people. In 2020-21, their income was £338 million.

BEH provides services for young people, adults, and older people from over 20 sites. We support people to overcome the hurdles they face with their health and well-being and help them get back into the community and to live as independently as they can. We follow an ‘enablement’ approach to providing care, which means BEH give people the skills they need to look after themselves with their support in the community. When they need a higher level of care, BEH provides that on their wards.

BEH provides a wide range of local and more specialist mental health services, including helping people with personality disorders, drug, and alcohol recovery, children’s mental health issues, dementia, eating disorders, learning disabilities, and suicide prevention.

We also run the North London Forensic Service (NLFS), which the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has rated as Outstanding. It treats and cares for people in the criminal justice system who have mental health conditions. NLFS is also embedded in Pentonville, Wormwood Scrubs, and Brixton prisons in London, and Springhill and Grendon prisons in Buckinghamshire.

In addition to delivering mental health care in these five adult prisons, we provide mental health services at Aylesbury young offenders’ institution. We are also the lead provider for a group of five trusts delivering secure forensic inpatient services in North London. This ‘New Models of Care’ partnership brings together regional providers of NHS England-commissioned specialist services in order to improve the quality of patient care.

In Enfield, we run a wide range of community health services for physical health difficulties, including district nursing, diabetic clinics, speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, an award-winning Care Home Assessment Team, community paediatric nursing, and palliative care.

Nurse holding a painting
Nurse holding a painting

Our Board

The Trust Board is made up of a Chair, Non-Executive Directors and Executive Directors including the Chief Executive.

The Chair and Non-Executive Directors are appointed by the Secretary of State for Health and their fundamental role is to provide an independent judgment on strategic issues, performance, key appointments and accountability.

Our Executive Directors are the most senior managers in the Trust and they are responsible for working with the Non-Executive Directors to translate the Trust’s strategic vision into day-to-day operational practices.

The Trust’s business is conducted through bi-monthly Trust Board meetings. The meetings are held in public for the most part, but they are not public meetings.

These are supported by sub-committees of the Board whose minutes are included in the Board’s agenda. The minutes and other papers from the Trust Board are published here.