Our strategic objectives and priorities

We are a strongly performing, ambitious organisation. Our focus is on providing high quality, safe and innovative care to our patients and their families.

The success of any organisation starts with being able to identify what its focus should be long-term.

Nurse holding a painting
Nurse holding a painting
We have worked hard collectively to decide what Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust’s focus should be, with the following four, key priorities now agreed:
  • Early and effective intervention
  • Helping people to live well
  • Research and innovation
  • Keeping our service users, carers and staff safe

Our next step has been to pinpoint how to achieve these priorities. We all face a multitude of challenges at work every day, and the culture we create can make these challenges positive, or overwhelming.

Our staff have provided crucial feedback that there are four cultural steps – or pillars – that are vital if we are to achieve our four strategic priorities.

The goal is for each staff member to work out how to make these four pillars a reality in their particular area. In turn, these steps support our four strategic priorities – the things we want to be renowned for doing extremely well and that cement our reputation.

Our strategic priorities are:

We value each other

this involves supporting each other’s well-being and development.

We are empowered

this means taking action and responsibility to do what is best for your services and team.

We keep things simple

this means cutting out bureaucracy when it adds nothing. 

We are connected

this means working collaboratively across services and organisations, rather than in silos.